Monday, 20 February 2017

Student Councillors

Student Councillors

We are very proud to announce that the Student Councillors for Semester One are Haziq and Chelsea. Well done on being voted in by your classmates. We know you will do a terrific job representing Room 8.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Literacy Pro

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All students in Room 8 have now completed their LitPro test.

The LitPro Test is used to assess their independent comprehension level. They should all be aware of their score and be choosing appropriately levelled books when they visit the library. 
The more books they read and then complete the corresponding LitPro quizzes, the more chance our class has of reading the most words in the school!
We would like everyone to have one of their Lexile books at school every day to read during quiet time after lunch.

Go Room 8!

Parent Teacher Meeting

Thank You  😊

We would like to say a big thank you to all the parents/care givers who came along to the Parent Teacher Meeting in Week 3. It was a great turn out.

The Year 4 and Year 5 mathematics and literacy standards were given out, along with a copy of the teacher power point. If you were unable to attend and did not receive the handouts, please call into the classroom and pick up a copy of all the information.


 Investigating Square Numbers

Investigating and problem solving are an important part of our mathematics lessons in Room 8. A problem is something you do not immediately know how to solve.
The students were set a collaborative task where they had to extend a pattern and relate it to how square numbers work.
All teams did a fantastic job, even on such a warm and humid day!
We are always impressed to see the children sharing ideas, listening to each other and not being afraid to 'have a go'. 


Friday, 3 February 2017

Welcome to Room 8

What a great start to the year! It has been wonderful to welcome back a number of familiar faces and also to enjoy meeting many new students.
This is our new class blog, so check in regularly to see what is happening in the fantastic Room 8!
There will be school, class and student news, homework, photos and lots more. 😃

Home Studies                          
Both Year 4 and Year 5 students in Room 8 are expected to complete their homework from Monday through to Thursday nights. We do appreciate that this needs to fit in with your family life.
Homework should include:
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  • 20/30 minutes of reading (preferably from a Lexile library book). Record the name of book and pages read in diary.
  • a Mathematics activity from the set tasks on Studyladder.
  • Look Say Cover Write Check of weekly spelling words 
Children are expected to enter the homework they have completed into their diaries each night.
We would also appreciate a parent/caregiver sighting their homework and signing their diary.

Homework Links

Optional homework to increase skills. Click on Year 4 or 5 and choose a subject.